Purpose driven leadership - identifying impactful leaders during Covid-19 - Webinar recording

Director of Quality at ILM, was joined with academics and business leaders, to reflect on what we can learn from the leadership styles that have emerged during the pandemic.

Covid-19 has uncovered a self-confident society, not promoting 'strong leaders' but seeking leadership from everywhere. Across the globe, organisations and individuals took on the role of leaders, often acting spontaneously and unbidden. School children with 3D printers, small independent businesses and international clothing brands such as Burberry and Barbour, all undertook acts of leadership, collaborating rather than competing, and bringing people on board to support where needed. Each one of these thoughtful, proactive acts of leadership had a clear purpose at the centre, demonstrating that under trying circumstances, people can show amazing resilience and the ability to respond to the unexpected.

Join Nick Cutland, Director of Quality at ILM, as he sits down with guest speaker Anthony Impey, Nicky Taylor & Professor Carol Javis to explore how 'unleadership' could change and enhance the way we work and to reflect on what we can learn from the leadership styles that emerged during the pandemic.


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