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ILM's research programme

ILM’s research programme is devised to identify current and emerging trends across the broad disciplines of leadership and management.

Why research is important?

Research is one of the ways we advance understanding of effective leadership and management, and its impact on people, organisations and the wider global economy. It provides a robust, evidence-based perspective on what works and what doesn't, and a solid foundation for our expertise in leadership and management development.

It is through our research that we can speak authoritatively about the reality of being an effective leader and manager today.

How our research informs our practice?

ILM’s approach to management learning and development, emphasises putting theory into practice. Our research helps us test management theory in the real world and report back on the actual challenges facing managers, leaders and their organisations.

We carry our research findings through into our qualifications and our learning support materials. We deliver this thinking to you through our research reports and our agenda-setting online publications, Edge and Inspire

Open access to ILM research

All ILM research reports are freely available to download, copy and use for personal development or in training and development activities. All we ask is that ILM is credited when any of the content is used or referenced, and a link to the research report on the ILM website.

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More information about our research

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