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At ILM, we develop more talented leaders than anyone else, giving them the skills to make a real difference in their organisation and beyond

Over the next few months, you might notice we’re starting to look a little different. Watch our animation to find out more...



As part of a complete rebrand, we’ll be refreshing our logo, overhauling our website and changing up our look and feel across all our communications, content and materials. We’re working to make the transition as smooth as possible for you, our customers, and we hope you love the new brand as much as we do. But this is about so much more than a shiny new look. We’ve really thought about what great leadership means to us, to you and to organisations all over the world, and we’re adapting everything we do to reflect the changing world we’re working in.

Workers round a table

At ILM, we’re committed to helping you to thrive and grow through the application of our industry defining leadership development. From experienced managers through to young workers wanting to feel more confident in making important decisions, we help individuals and organisations realise the potential they never knew they had.

Developing leaders at every level

Our new brand is all about how we work with you. We’re passionate, approachable and forward-thinking and we know you need to develop leaders at every level. We’re confident we’ve got exactly the right approach for you, whether that’s taking an ILM qualification, recognising your own programmes or giving you access to tools and resources to deliver outstanding leadership development.

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