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ILM work with over 350 Further Education and Higher Education colleges across the UK, offering flexible, industry-recognised qualifications and training that adds instant value to employers and students.

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ILM Employability programme

Developed together with colleges and universities, this programme offers students an additional accredited qualification that is equivalent to an A Level or Scottish Higher qualification. It's ideal for students to build practical skills that employers will value.

How does the programme work?

The programme is based on a core ILM qualification, the Level 3 Award in Leadership and Management and students can choose one of three pathways, depending on whether they prefer work placements or internships. All pathways lead to an accredited QCF Level 3 qualification.

For full information about how the programme works, read ILM Employability Programme: guidance for universities and colleges.

ILM qualifications

Each qualification is very flexible, so it can be customised very much to the employers' needs and the needs of their employees.

Our portfolio of flexible qualifications are built with an emphasis on practical learning and transferable skills to the workplace. They are easy to deliver and the pick and mix, unit-based structure allows you to custom-build programmes to suit all needs.

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Working with ILM to support your core business

We can work together to broaden student access to your degree programmes and increase their appeal.


  • Fast-track entry: Offers entry to learners with ILM Level 5 qualifications onto undergraduate degree programmes, and those with Level 7 qualifications onto masters programmes.
  • Foundation degree: Cut costs by using the ILM Level 4 and 5 Extended Diplomas to create a dual-badged programme that meets Foundation degree requirements.
  • Feeder programmes: Use our vocational qualifications to offer students a work-based route to full or part-time undergraduate study.
  • Combine qualifications: Combine an ILM qualification with your degree programme to show employers and students that your institution recognises the value of academic learning at work.


By working together we can monitor the quality and endorse your existing training programmes, while you retain the freedom to tailor the length, content and delivery of them.

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Support and resources – make it a seamless process

We can help you every step of the way when it comes to setting up, managing and delivering ILM programmes. Through our partnership with the Institute of Leadership & Management, we offer training providers and their learners access to membership services, online learning and CPD opportunities as well as the Institute's community.

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