Senior Leader Apprenticeships at Level 7

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Senior Leader Apprenticeships at Level 7

The broad purpose of the occupation is to provide clear, inclusive and strategic leadership and direction relating to their area of responsibility within an organisation. Typically, this involves setting, managing and monitoring achievement of core objectives that are aligned to the overall strategic objectives of their organisation’s Board (or equivalent). In a smaller organisation they are also likely to contribute to the execution and achievement of these strategic objectives. A Senior Leader influences at a higher organisational level, including sometimes at Board (or equivalent) level, and sets the culture and tone across their area of responsibility. They may work in varied environments including in an office, onsite, or remotely and demonstrate a high level of flexibility and adaptability to meet the needs of the organisation.   

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What would a typical Senior Leader be responsible for? 

In their daily work, an employee in this occupation interacts with internal stakeholders such as members of their team, other senior leaders/managers, support services (for example: finance, marketing, HR) and project groups and, in larger organisations, they may be part of a wider specialist team. Depending on the size of their organisation, a Senior Leader may be responsible for reporting results relating to their area of responsibility to a Board, trustees, shareholders, executive team or to other senior management within the organisation. Externally, a Senior Leader acts as an ambassador for their organisation with wide-ranging networks typically involving customers/clients, supply chains and statutory/regulatory bodies.

Funding cap: £14,000 

Summary of our offer

We are on the register of end-point assessment organisations for the Senior Leader. Our high-quality, rigorous end-point assessment can be delivered at a convenient time for your apprentice. Our EPA service includes a suite of guidance documents and preparation tools to get ready for EPA.

Personal support: Our dedicated EPA customer success team, Technical Advisors, Business Managers and Customer Service teams are on hand to help throughout the apprenticeship journey. 

Teaching tools and resources: Through free student and tutor membership of The Institute of Leadership, all ILM apprentices will have access to a wide range of engaging resources to support their learning journey. 

EPA support resources: Our specially created EPA resources will help you to prepare apprentices and ensure a smooth booking process. 

EPA delivery: We are growing our EPA service, using new technologies to enhance the delivery and management of EPA. 

Pricing that works for you: When you choose us for EPA, you pay a small registration fee and the balance once the EPA has taken place and results submitted. 

Events and webinars: We deliver a range of events and webinars run by industry specialists to advise and guide you. Visit our events page to find out what is coming up. 

Progression: The journey never stops and we’re committed to helping learners progress into a job, develop on the job and move into the next job. Visit our dedicated page for our wider offering in this sector and information about leadership and management apprenticeships.



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