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Our in-house assessment team will mark your candidate’s assignments for you

The ILM Assessment Service is not only a cost-effective, efficient and quality assured way of assessing ILM qualifications, but also provides a personal touch. One of our lead assessors will help you along the process on a one-to-one basis. The ILM team carry out and mark the assessment, enter results for you, and provide vital feedback for every criterion.

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So who can use the Assessment Service? The ILM Assessment Service is available for 25 of our popular qualifications, including Leadership and Management from Levels 2 to 5 and Coaching and Mentoring.

We recognise there are times when you need support to offer our qualifications and the associated assessment

  • when you are new to delivering our qualifications and unsure about assessment and verification
  • when you start offering qualifications in different subject areas and want to focus on programme delivery
  • when you have a sudden increase in demand and struggle to find the time and people to carry out assessment and verification.

We can provide the support you need during these periods or whenever assessment becomes a burden.

  • Questions on the ILM Assessment Service? Contact the ILM assessment team


Meet the team

jane bishop photoI’m Jane Bishop, Lead Assessor for Level 3 and 5 Coaching and Mentoring. I believe learning the skills associated with these qualifications gives people the opportunity to flourish not just in their working environment, but in all areas of their lives.


kath oakes photoMy name is Kath Oakes, I am one of the Level 5 Lead Assessors and have worked with the team for four years. I believe in fair assessment processes and work closely with all our team of Assessors and Technical Advisors to ensure that we provide a consistent and professional level of service.


anne morton photoHi, my name is Anne Morton. I’m Lead Assessor for Level 3 and 5 Leadership and Management qualifications, mainly for Colleges and Local Authorities, although I do get involved with other Training Centres. I have always found the Leadership and Management qualifications at all levels to be the bedrock of a well-informed leader or manager to enable them to make choices about their practice based on a real understanding of their options.


ray knox photoI’m Ray Knox, I have been part of the assessment since 2003 and a Lead Assessor since 2012. I focus on Levels 2 and 3 with some responsibilities for Level 5. I believe in strong relationships with our customers and aim to foster a strong partnership with them.


sandra robson photoI’m Sandra Robson, ILMA Lead Assessor across Levels 2 to 5 although currently mainly focussing on Level 2 and 3. I've been part of the ILMA team now for several years having previously been an EQA for ILM and a centre manager working with several different awarding organisations across varying business-related work based qualifications.

Hints and tips

Re-assessment - just to make you aware that learners who are marked with a referral should only provide additional work for the assessment criteria marked as ‘referred’. Although our assessors will provide feedback next to all criteria, they will only re-assess referred criteria. Once a learner has achieved a ‘pass’ against the assessment criteria it is considered completed. Additions or amendments to previously assessed criteria should be identifiable i.e. a different font, coloured font or highlighted. This helps us identify reworked areas.

Results sheet – a reminder to ensure that learner details are completed on each results sheet prior to uploading. This is required to ensure accuracy of learner details.

E-Certificates & Digital Credentials – e-Certificates are available for ILM & City & Guilds qualifications. These are exact replicas of paper certificates in PDF format. Centres can access their learners e-Certificates from their Walled Garden account. To set up access please contact Digital Credentials are also now available for nearly all ILMA qualifications! Enter your learners email address at point of registration and on completion your learners will receive an activation email. To find out more visit our dedicated page.