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We’ve listened to your feedback and we know you’d like to hear more from us. We’re delighted to bring you our new preference centre that keeps you informed, without flooding your inbox.

Now you get to choose what email updates you’d like to receive from us. Simply tell us what you’re interested in, and you'll never miss another industry-related event or important alert!

All you need to do is sign up or update your preferences to start receiving tailored email updates from us. You can also update your preferences at any time.

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We realise how important it is to receive timely updates that are relevant to you. Our new preference centre will allow you to select the information most applicable to you, and will provide you with timely alerts.

  • latest news from your industry
  • webinars and industry events
  • timely updates on qualifications and apprenticeships
  • centre administration, pricing and operational updates
  • quality assurance and policy developments.

Who should sign up?

Colleges and training providers: as an approved ILM centre, you can stay on top of the global industry news and receive the latest information to help support your delivery, through product updates and key events.

Employers: you can improve your in-house training and apprenticeship delivery by receiving timely industry news, and invites to attend our free webinars, designed to keep you in the loop on staff accreditation opportunities of an international standard.

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