Looking for funding for leadership and management qualifications? We’ve outlined the main funding routes open to organisations in England

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Funding, and approval of qualifications for funding, is handled by a variety of different Government organisations. ILM understands how complex funding in the UK can be for education and training providers, employers and learners. In this area of the site you can find information on funding, funding reforms, the different types of funding available and links to information on external sites that will support you with funding planning.

It is the responsibility of the provider to ensure eligibility of funding for their learners. We strongly recommend that providers speak to the relevant funding agency to confirm eligibility and rates.

These funding rules apply to England only. Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales have different funding rules and providers operating in these nations should consult with the appropriate authority to confirm funding rules.

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Visit our Apprenticeships section for information on funding for management apprenticeships.


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