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You can find below all the essential information you need in order to work with ILM, including your contract and our policies:


A centre can ask for a candidate’s exam result to be reviewed, alternatively a candidate can request this directly. City & Guilds will arrange for the candidate’s answers to be remarked.

In the case of assessment decisions made by centres, candidates must go through the centre’s own internal appeals procedure.

A centre can request an Enquiry into the Qualification Approval Risk Status/ Qualification Status that has been applied by City & Guilds following external quality assurance activities.


Quality Assurance Standards

We have produced a single set of City & Guilds / ILM documents setting out a comprehensive model of our quality assurance requirements, from centre approval through to issue of results. This is to:

  • maintain consistent standards of delivery and assessment across all centres
  • ensure the validity and reliability of assessment outcomes for learners.

The new documents incorporate information from, but replace, the following key City & Guilds documents currently in place:

  • ILM Customer Handbook
  • ILM Administration Policy

The new Quality Assurance Standards suite of documents have now come into effect.

For more information on our Quality Assurance Standards, please refer to our recording.

What our ILM contract covers

Your contract is at the heart of your relationship with ILM - it outlines how we work together, what is expected of each of us. It is important that you read and understand this document because you are required to comply with it.

The contract for ILM Approved Centres and Recognised Providers covers the following areas:

  • A definition of terms - explaining the main terms used in the contract such as Approved Programme or Intellectual Property Rights
  • Period of contract  - providing information on notice period for termination of contract
  • Centre / Provider’s obligations and ILM’s obligations - this sets out what each party agrees to do, and agrees not to do
  • Intellectual Property Rights - covers ownership of intellectual property in regards to provider and test materials
  • Data Protection - complying with the Data Protection Act when collecting, using and storing  learner data
  • Confidentiality - maintaining the confidentiality of ILM and Centre/Provider information and data
  • Suspension - this outlines what this means in practice, and when suspension may occur.
  • Termination -how and when a contract may be terminated and the responsibilities of both parties.

New Quality Assurance Standards

Watch our short video for a detailed overview of our new Quality Assurance Standards and download our FAQs.


Download the FAQs

Our fees

Find comprehensive information on all ILM fees, including for candidate registration, assessment and centre approval.

More on ILM fees

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