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ILM offers a wide range of expert qualifications to drive leadership and management performance at every level. Use this handy tool to shortlist the most suitable qualifications for you and your business. If you prefer to browse, visit our Qualifications explained page.


From new and aspiring managers to experienced CEOs, ILM offers expert qualifications for leaders and managers at every level. Simply select your management level and preferred area of study below to find a course that's just right for you.

Our wide range of flexible qualifications offer a proven route to improving productivity, decision making and morale in organisations of all sizes and across all sectors. Simply select the management level and subject area for the staff you want to develop, to see our recommended qualifications for your business.

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With our wide range of expert qualifications, you may want some help choosing the right one for a particular customer or cohort. Simply use this tool to select the management level of your proposed cohort and the subject areas they are interested in, to see a list of suitable qualifications.