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As a City & Guilds’ business, ILM is committed to improving inclusion and diversity within the way we work and how we deliver our purpose, which is to help people and organisations develop the skills they need for growth.

We are actively pursuing, implementing, and reviewing working practices that enable a diverse and inclusive business strategy and working environment that is truly representative and supportive of our colleagues, customers, and communities.

To find out more about City & Guilds’ inclusivity and diversity journey and to read our inclusivity and diversity policy, please visit our dedicated web page.

You can also read our summary pay gap reports on Gender and Ethnicity to understand the insights we see and actions we are taking.

Embedding diversity, equity and inclusion in our products

Inclusive curriculum design involves consideration in all aspects of a qualification and training course - including structure, content, delivery and assessment. By incorporating inclusive design as a critical part of product development, we aim to ensure that all learners are provided with an equitable and supportive learning and assessment experience that offers the opportunity to succeed, regardless of personal background or circumstance.

Find out more about our inclusive curriculum framework.

Inclusive Curriculum Toolkits

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ILM and City & Guilds, in partnership with the Education Training Foundation: SEND excellence gateway, are launching a series of tools to support inclusive learning. Our toolkits give you an introduction into how disabilities and difficulties can present in learners and, importantly, how they can be best supported in their learning journey. Our first two toolkits which you can now access are:

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