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For over 30 years ILM has provided civilian accreditation for military training in leadership and management

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For over 30 years ILM has provided civilian qualifications for military training in leadership across the entire MoD. From Army Education Branch PNCO, JNCO, SNCO and WO CLM courses to Royal Navy ICSC and RAF BRTC, JMLC, IMLC and AMLC accreditations, we aim to help all sectors of the Armed Forces achieve the best leadership tools for each candidate. For a more detailed view of each course offered, please click the links below.


  • PNCO, JNCO, SNCO and WO CLM courses – Army Reserves JNCO, SNCO, Range Management Qualification (RMQ), JOLP/JOTAC, CWC - all through Army Education Branch
  • Regular Commissioning Course, PQO course, LEOC and Reserves SCOC – through RMAS
  • ICSC(LR) & ICSC(L) through JSCSC (Defence Academy)
  • Army Recruiting Course – apply through ASR

Navy and Marines 

  • ICSC(M) through JSCSC (Defence Academy)


  • BRTC, JMLC, IMLC and AMLC – through RAF Halton
  • IOT, ROIT, OSIC, NCAIT, and SERE – through OACTU (RAF Cranwell)
  • JODP & ICSC(A) – through JSCSC (Defence Academy)
  • RAF Recruiting Course – apply through PSTS

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

As long as your course content is relevant to our current portfolio of qualifications, we can retrospectively accredit relevant training completed. This can be particularly useful if you did not claim your accreditation at the end of your course or where accreditation was not available at the time.

Studying membership

All candidates undergoing an ILM accredited military career development course get to benefit from free studying membership of our partner, the Institute of Leadership & Management, for a minimum of 12 months or the length of the study programme (whichever is the longer), while enjoying a full range of member benefits. Tutors and instructors can also take advantage of delivering military career development courses with indefinite free tutor membership, and the use the online resources to support you and further build your skills, knowledge and career. You will also gain access to exclusive member events and forums, letting you engage with a network of like-minded professionals.

Institute memberships provide a platform to support you throughout your military service and, when the time comes, it can help you make the transition to a civilian career by providing recognition of your skills and military rank coupled with highly valued post-nominal letters to gain external recognition of your status as a leader and manager.

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