ILM international programmes

Our products and services are delivered and enjoyed by customers in many countries around the world.

We work through our sister organisation City & Guilds to support businesses outside of the UK looking to run ILM qualifications and recognised programmes.

For more information on how to set up and deliver the ILM portfolio outside of the UK, please visit the City & Guilds website and locate the regional office in your area.

Irish National Framework of Qualifications

Many ILM QCF qualifications are aligned to the Irish framework. Visit their website for further details.  

However, since the changes at ILM we are no longer issuing alignment letters with qualification certificates. 

*All ILM qualifications are awarded by The City and Guilds of London Institute which was founded in 1878 and is incorporated by Royal Charter.

International Guides to Fees

Our fees are available within the International Catalogue in Walled Garden.

Qualifications can cross borders

All our qualifications are aligned to the National Qualifications Framework Ireland (NQF) and the European Qualifications Framework (EQF).

Qualifications Guide

ILM qualifications outside Europe

Interested in completing an ILM qualification outside of Europe?

Contact your local office