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ILM’s dual-accreditation is a bespoke service designed for universities to map your existing qualifications to the quality and requirements set out by ILM. Your students achieve a fully recognised ILM qualification with a dual-branded digital credential to showcase their achievements and enhance career progression.

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Why align your programmes to ILM qualifications?

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Give students something to be excited about with an internationally-recognised qualification to demonstrate their skills, help support career development and align with professional leadership and management standards.

  Become a university of choice with enhanced learning opportunities that won’t impose additional time or workload on your students.   Align your existing qualifications to a market-leading specialist brand for leadership, management and coaching qualifications with a dual-branded digital credential.

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How ILM dual-accreditation works

The ILM dual-accreditation service evaluates your institute’s existing qualification materials to identify whether there is sufficient context, content, and appropriate assessment methodology to align to an ILM qualification.

We enable students to meet robust assessment criteria and achieve the learning outcomes by recognising two accredited qualifications as ‘equivalent’ – one by the host organisation, and the other by ILM. (For example: when modules in a university degree are recognised in an ILM qualification).

Power up your programme in 3 steps

  1. You’ll  be asked to provide a variety of supporting information detailing the course overview. If you wish to complete the mapping yourself, we’ll provide templates for you to complete, which capture details of how your programme meets the ILM qualification assessment criteria.
  2. We’ll carry out quality assurance on your mapping. If your qualification achieves a ‘full match’, the completed template is sent back to you along with a formal letter detailing your dual-accredited status.
  3. Our Quality Delivery Team will support you through the next stages of programme approval so that you can register your students with ILM.

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Co-branded dual-accreditation digital credential

Give your learners something to be proud of...

ILM’s unique dual-accreditation service provides further accreditation alignment benefits:

  • You’ll  receive the rights to an ILM dual-accreditation logo, which you can use to promote your qualification programme with students and key stakeholders
  • Successful students will receive digital credentials that extend beyond the reach of your organisation's brand to showcase their achievements to the world.

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