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Senior leaders risk lagging behind the rest of the UK workforce in training and development

10 Oct 2019

Senior leaders risk being left behind in the learning and development space, according to findings from new research by City & Guilds Group business, ILM.

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Leadership requires a wide variety of skills, some of which can only be mastered on the job

16 Sep 2019

Degree apprenticeships are an opportunity to develop your future leaders – and at the end, you’ll have skilled and motivated individuals who are excited to continue their career in your organisation.

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Showcasing a portfolio of evidence through end-point assessment (EPA)

20 March 2019

Are you supporting your apprentices with a showcase portfolio for EPA? Read our briefing now and plan for success.

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ILM announces new collaboration with EMCC

20 Feb 2019

Connecting coaches: ILM, part of the City & Guilds Group, announces new collaboration with European Mentoring and Coaching Council UK.

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What is the perfect age for an apprenticeship? Barclays says every age

06 July 2018

Barclays is championing apprenticeships – of all sorts and for everyone. With four main apprenticeship pathways, open to people of different ages and from different backgrounds, the organisation is setting an example to us all.

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Fundamental skills to manage workplace mental health

14 May 2018

The modern workplace is changing exponentially, and facing a growing range of challenges that can impact on the ability of talented individuals to give their best at work.

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Curating positive leadership skills

07 May 2018

Why is it that a positive and successful company culture can be so elusive and hard to achieve? How do some organisations get it so right, and others get it so wrong?

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Nexus Group and ILM: Leadership development must be for all levels

08 May 2018

“This programme provides us with a common language to talk about the challenges we are facing across the board."

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Businesses missing out on funding for leadership training due to misconceptions around apprenticeships

07 March 2018

58% of employers feel middle and senior managers would be unwilling to be seen as an apprentice, despite apprenticeships being a key source of training budget

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Standing at crossroads: when Higher Education meets Employers

29 January 2018

Meet our HE expert, Julie Rowlett, and find out why we’re committed to shaping the future of leadership and management learning

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