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City & Guilds brand Kineo announces launch of new ESG training offering

24 May 2024

Kineo look to revolutionise corporate training and handling of Environmental, Social and Governance responsibilities with new suite of courses.

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The Conscious Leadership Coaching Model

26 January 2024

We recently recorded two short videos with Executive Coach, John Climpson from Invictus Leadership, a provider of leadership coaching, training and consultancy services.

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New ILM Level 6 & 7 Leadership and Management qualifications

15 June 2023

We’re pleased to announce that our new ILM Level 6 and 7 Leadership and Management qualifications for senior and strategic leaders will be available for registration over the coming months.

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Young Leaders - preparing young people for University and the world of work

05 June 2023

When the COVID-19 pandemic first took the globe by storm at the beginning of 2020, one of the hardest-hit sectors was undoubtedly the education sector.

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Annual price increase effective from 1 September 2023

28 March 2023

City & Guilds and ILM are reviewing prices for the next academic year.

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St Andrew's Healthcare coaching and mentoring programme

08 March 2023

St Andrew’s had a simple ambition: to enable people to work at their best. To achieve this objective, they created a coaching community, using the ILM Level 5 Certificate and Diploma in Effective Coaching and Mentoring, adapting and evolving the programme over the last four years to suit the changing needs of the organisation.

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Only 4% of employers are spending their full apprenticeship levy funding

02 February 2023

New research from City & Guilds and the 5% Club finds that employers have spent an average of 55.5% of their apprenticeship levy funding in the last five years.

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Youth Misspent: Uncovering the harsh realities for Britain’s young people in today’s job market

07 December 2022

City & Guilds’ research finds that the odds are being stacked against young people’s futures and career aspirations – particularly the most disadvantaged.

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Training Trends 2022

03 November 2022

With 58% of L&D directors planning to introduce leadership and management training in the next year, new research from ILM and City & Guilds shows that effective planning and evaluation of these programmes is going to be critical to their success.

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Blogs and articles

What is Mentoring?

30 August 2023

Gain insights into workplace mentoring and the benefits it brings to individuals and organisations, as well as how to be an effective mentor and mentee.

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The Power of Strategic Workforce Planning

27 July 2023

In today's dynamic and rapidly evolving business landscape, organisations are increasingly recognising the significance of strategic workforce planning in maximising their potential.

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Implementing a Proactive Risk Management Culture

18 July 2023

Risk management is a key element of any successful business. It is essential for organisations to develop a proactive risk management culture in order to effectively identify, assess, and mitigate potential risks.

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How to Foster a Culture of Critical Thinking

12 July 2023

By fostering a culture of critical thinking, organisations can ensure that their employees are well-equipped to make sound decisions and solve problems effectively.

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Developing Personal Effectiveness for Leaders and Managers

30 June 2023

The success of a management and leadership team depends heavily on the effectiveness of its members. Personal effectiveness is a key component of senior management, as it helps to facilitate effective decision making, communication, and strategic planning.

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Apprenticeships: Insights from our Independent End Point Assessors (IEPAs)

28 June 2023

Insights and guidance from our Independent End Point Assessors (IEPAs) on the trends they are seeing in recent EPAs.

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The Power of Data-Led Strategic Management

27 June 2023

In today's business environment, data-driven decision making has become increasingly essential for organisations to remain competitive. Companies that are able to leverage data to make informed decisions have the potential to drive growth and opportunities.

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Leading through change

23 June 2023

Navigating the ever-evolving business environment requires a unique set of capabilities from those who lead, making it critical for organisations to invest in developing their leaders to ensure success.

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Building Blocks of a Developmental Leadership Culture

15 June 2023

This article outlines the key components and best practices necessary for developing a strong culture of developmental leadership.

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