Training Trends 2022

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With 58% of L&D directors planning to introduce leadership and management training in the next year, effective planning and evaluation of these programmes is going to be critical to their success.

03 November 2022

New research conducted by ILM and City & Guilds, surveying 600 L&D and HR professionals, found that leadership and management development is a key priority for employers.  

The key insights include;

  • Leadership and management training is on the rise

58% of L&D directors are planning to introduce leadership and management training in the next year, building on the 25% already offering programmes in this area.

  • Building a strong workforce is key driver

L&D directors stated that the need to remain competitive in the market by building a strong workforce is the key driver for learning and development in their business.

  • Employers are investing heavily in learning and development

96% of organisations expect their training budgets to remain the same or increase in the next financial year.

  • Training failure is very high

99% of large employers have experienced the failure of in-house training programmes in the last five years.

The research showed that employers are investing heavily in learning and development to help them retain and develop talent, which reflects current economic trends and the state of the labour market. Building a strong leadership and management team from within the organisation is increasingly being recognised as a more effective solution than trying to recruit new people at this level.

Despite the cost-of-living crisis that’s affecting many businesses, 96% of respondents expected their training budgets to either remain the same or increase in the next financial year, demonstrating that many employers do recognise the value of learning and development programmes.

In-house training for role-specific skills or soft skills (such as communication and time management) are the two main types of training being used by the employers surveyed. Both types of training are critical for the development of managers and leaders, to ensure they have the competencies, skills, behaviours and values to perform in their role. With the research indicating that many training programmes are failing or falling short of objectives, L&D teams must ensure that they are not wasting their training investment. The programmes must be planned, designed and evaluated effectively to maximise the impact on individuals, and the business as a whole. 

David Phillips, Managing Director of ILM said,

“Large employers are investing in learning and development to remain competitive and drive growth in challenging market conditions. Although it’s positive to see this consistent investment, employers need to consider strengthening their learning and development offer and building in more evaluation that effectively quantifies the return on investment for training. Recognising achievement through certification could also be key in attracting and retaining talent.”

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For the research, ILM and City & Guilds commissioned Censuswide to survey 600 HR and L&D leaders in large organisations with global operations across 12 sectors including Engineering, Construction, Rail, Manufacturing, Consulting, Hospitality, Retail, IT, Telecoms, Financial Services, Transport and Logistics. Fieldwork took place from 16 August to 30 August 2022.

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