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21 June 2023

Established in 2011, TalentPool is a leading provider of entrepreneurship, leadership and management training, working with government departments, charities and private industry across Ireland. For entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners, they provide the ILM Level 3 Award in Enterprise and Entrepreneurship, as well as a range of short courses covering business start-up skills such as marketing, social media management, sales, book-keeping and taxation. For leaders and managers, they provide the ILM Level 4 Award in Leadership and Management as part of their suite of recognised programmes, as well as short, uncertified courses on topics such as communication skills and business processes.

Approach to developing entrepreneurs and leaders

TalentPool’s enterprise and entrepreneurship programmes are designed for individuals wanting to start and develop their own business, whilst the leadership programmes are aimed at those wanting to improve their leadership knowledge and skills in order to progress in their careers. The courses combine theory, case studies and worked examples, with assignments and exercises to enable learners to practice their skills and knowledge. Sessions are highly interactive and can be delivered online or face-to-face.

Value of ILM programmes

ILM programmes assist TalentPool to provide opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs and leaders at any level to start developing their business and leadership skills. Their audience is predominately adult learners who may have challenges and commitments that preclude them from engaging in education for longer periods. With ILM, they can provide quality learning experiences timetabled to suit the needs of the learners, and the certified programmes with structured and verified assessments, enable learners to achieve a greater depth of learning.

Having an ILM qualification gives entrepreneurs more credibility when applying for funding or business loans. And for leaders and managers, the ILM credential gives learners greater currency to progress in the job market.

We find ILM really easy to work with. The systems and platforms are effective, and the ILM team provide plenty of support. The amount and quality of assistance we get from ILM is fantastic.

Christine O’Brien, Managing Director at TalentPool

Impact on individuals and organisations

Learners regularly express their gratitude and satisfaction having completed a programme at TalentPool. They are delighted that certification and learning is a real option within the constraints of adult life, and additional qualifications in new areas is life changing for many.

Learners on their ILM leadership and management programme have used their accreditation to gain higher level roles within their own or other organisations.

Paulina Duch recently completed the ILM Level 4 Award in Leadership and Management:

I chose the ILM Leadership & Management course to enhance my knowledge on the subject, particularly on leadership styles. As I am usually working on busy IT projects, I wanted to learn more about motivating my team and myself to keep going, stay focused and have an open, honest and friendly environment at the same time. I have found the course very insightful and learnt many new techniques and recommendations on how to be a good leader.

TalentPool have also had amazing results from their enterprise programmes, with many of their learners going on to start and run highly successful businesses.

Barry Breslin is currently undertaking the ILM Level 3 Award in Enterprise and Entrepreneurship:

The benefit of doing this course for me is the freedom self-employment affords in terms of work-life balance. Ultimately, I can have a more flexible schedule and work around my life. The course to date has been useful and interesting. Before the course, I didn’t know the practicalities of setting up and running a business in Ireland. The course gave me things to consider, which I hadn’t considered before. I like the fact that there is a group of students and its great discussing things in a group and sharing experiences.