CVQO and the ILM Award for Young Leaders

CVQO is a vocational education charity and learning provider, founded in 2001 to provide training and qualifications to UK and international cadet organisations, youth groups and their volunteer instructors.

ILM has been working with CVQO since 2017 to offer the ILM Young Leaders Award, a qualification designed to support young people in developing skills and confidence in leading and being part of a team that they can take with them across a wide range of careers.

We spoke to Neil Fairbrother and Chris Bushby from CVQO about the value of the ILM Award for Young Leaders and work they do to support young people to develop their skills.

Chris told us, "The ILM Young Leaders Award is hugely popular. Since February of 2017, 2,863 cadets have completed the qualification, helping them improve their confidence and, for many, increase their employability when they move on from education." 

Vital life skills

The Level 2 Award focuses on equipping students with life skills, encouraging them to take the initiative and play a role in shaping the training, creating their own goals on which they are assessed.

Chris explained: "A lot of the cadets aren't great at taking on responsibility at the beginning of the training. The programme teaches them how to plan ahead and give feedback to their peers."

"The course introduces self-discipline and motivation - they take the lead in planning and running their activities."

"Being given that responsibility really helps them to grow and build their confidence and helps them develop the kind of communication skills that helps them be part of a team - both as leaders and followers."

Increasing employability

cvqo image 2For many learners, the ILM qualification provides a major boost to their CV, helping them stand out in a job market crowded with school leavers. Employers recognise the key skills and behaviours that learners gain during the qualification, including working with others, resilience and developing relationships.

Chris went on to explain:

"Interpersonal skills are vital across a huge number of careers - being able to lead a team, resolve conflict and communicate effectively. For a lot of our cadets, they lack confidence in this area when they start the course. By the time they complete the programme it's amazing to see the progress they've made."

"We're confident that when learners who have completed the course go to their first job interview, they'll have the confidence they need to demonstrate their skills and thrive in the workplace."

Get involved

ILM’s Level 2 Award for Young Leaders can play a critical role in equipping people entering the workforce with the skills and confidence to succeed in this challenging environment and to help those around them adapt as well. 

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