Young Leaders: The importance of young leaders in adapting to ‘the new normal’

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The importance of young leaders in adapting to ‘the new normal’.

Looking to the future, it is increasingly clear that the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic will permanently change the world. The way we work has fundamentally changed, and we will need to adapt both in terms of how our workplaces operate and the kind of skills ourselves and our colleagues will require. In this situation, young people entering the workforce may be uniquely placed to succeed, bringing new ideas and without being tied to traditional working practices.

Challenges for new starters

However, it is also clear that young people will be among the most impacted by the economic downturn caused by the Coronavirus. With many businesses implementing hiring freezes and a market saturated with job seekers, young people will be facing a significant challenge at getting onto the first rung of the career ladder.

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During the pandemic, we have seen inspiring examples of young people showing true leadership. From school children making PPE with their 3D printers to groups setting up initiatives to help their local community, these were all acts of leadership, demonstrating innovation and collaboration, with a great sense of purpose. These skills and behaviours will be vital to businesses to help rebuild our economy and bring innovations that will enable us to move forward in an increasingly globalised world.

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