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ILM qualifications explained

Leadership and management qualifications – tailored to your needs.

Leadership and management

ILM offers Europe’s broadest portfolio of leadership, management, coaching and mentoring qualifications and specialist vocational qualifications such as managing volunteers or working with social entrepreneurs.

We focus on practical, work-based assignments as well as knowledge and theory as we believe it's not just what you know, but what you do that counts. This means employers will see the benefits of training and employees will be able to build a portfolio based on their work to help with future career development.  

Get the right level

ILM qualifications start at Level 2 (ideal for team leaders) and go up to Level 7 (suited to senior managers, such as a CEO). Each level can be achieved at Award, Certificate or Diploma status depending on the amount of credits gained at that level.

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Units and credits

ILM qualifications are made up of smaller units of learning relating to a particular topic. As a learner progresses up the levels of learning, units become more complex and take longer to complete. This complexity is given a value called a credit. Each credit is typically 10 hours of study.

Award, Diploma or Certificate?

Most ILM qualifications come in three different sizes, depending on how in-depth the qualification is and how long it will take you to complete it.

  • Award - 1-12 credits (10 to 120 hours of learning) are the shortest and most concise qualification. 
  • Certificate - 13 to 36 credits (130 to 360 hours of learning) and provide a broad base of knowledge and skills. 
  • Diploma -  are 37 or more credits ( 370 or more hours of  learning) and are the most comprehensive qualification, with an extensive programme of learning. 

Flexible Study

The time spent learning includes:

  • Structured learning, time spent face-to-face with a training provider, or in study directed by a tutor.
  • Self-study, reading around the topic.
  • Work-based tasks and assignments, carrying out tasks in your job.
  • Planning for your future career development.

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All ILM’s qualifications are delivered  by our network of 2,500 quality-assured training providers, who are approved to provide the highest standards of leadership and management development. 

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