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ILM is the UK’s leading provider of leadership, management and coaching qualifications, and a City & Guilds Group Business. We offer specialist qualifications in leadership and management from Level 2 to Level 7, learning resources, assessment and accreditation of high quality training in the fields of leadership, management and coaching. Almost 70,000 people improve their skills with ILM each year, with ILM Approved Centres developing more leaders than anyone else. Working with ILM gives you the chance to help businesses and employees gain the best leadership skills possible through trusted, quality assured training.

Benefits of becoming an ILM approved centre

  • Approval to deliver industry-recognised qualifications that suit all career levels
  • Support and guidance throughout the approvals process and beyond
  • Access to a range of quality training materials and delivery and assessment resources
  • Free tutor and student membership of the Institute of Leadership & Management

5 steps to become an approved centre

  • 1. Make an enquiry and find out more

    Register your interest by completing our enquiry form or contact our Customer Services team (+44 (0) 1543 266 867, Within two days, our Business Development Executive will be in touch to talk through the options available, before passing on your details to your assigned Business Development Manager.

  • 2. Discuss your requirements

    Your local Business Development Manager will then contact you to discuss next steps, including the plans for your organization and full details of ILM’s qualification portfolio and/or recognition scheme. They will run through what you need to deliver and assess ILM qualifications and programmes, and share details of the support available from ILM.

  • 3. Pay the approval fee and submit your application

    You will need to complete and submit your details, along with payment for the appropriate approval fee. You will then be required to complete the relevant approval application documents and send these back to ILM with the supporting information listed in the forms.

  • 4. Quality check

    Once payment has been received and all the relevant documentation has been submitted, you will be allocated a Quality and Compliance Manager. They will set up an appointment with you either via an on-site visit or telephone call/video link for international centres to review your application.

  • 5. Application outcome

    Following the quality check, you will receive an update either: a) confirming that your organisation meets our requirements and that your details will be handed to the Approvals Team to get you fully set up, or b) letting you know that your submission does not quite yet meet the ILM criteria, along with clear details of the steps you need to take to gain approval.   

        And that’s it! Once you’ve received written confirmation, you will be given access to our online support guides and resources, and a member of our Customer Service team and your External Verifier will be in touch to settle you in to working with ILM. Remember - your Business Development Manager will be available to support you throughout your application process, so do not hesitate to get in touch with them should you have any questions whatsoever.

        Download the 5-step Guide in pdf version

        • Still have questions?


          How much does approval cost?


          Centre approval  £2,500 
          Provider recognition £1,200
          Recognised provider upgrade to centre approval £1,300
          Scheme* add-ons – Level 6 and 7 (higher level qualifications schemes) (Approved centres only) £500
          Scheme* add-ons – Levels 2 to 5 (Approved centres only)  £250
          Provider programme add-on £250

          *A scheme comprises an Award, Certificate and Diploma

          Is approval indefinite?

          Yes. So long as your organisation remains ‘active’ by reaching the annual minimum spend threshold.

          Can City & Guilds centres receive ILM approval?

          Yes. After passing our Quality Approval processes you’ll only need to pay our qualification or program add-on fee.

          Is it easy for centres outside the UK to receive ILM approval?

          Yes. Our approval process for international centres is just as straightforward.

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        Become an ILM Approved Centre

        Become an ILM approved centre

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