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Studying with ILM

ILM qualifications can transform your career by accelerating and showcasing your development as a leader or manager.


After an ILM qualification 93% of managers perform better in their jobs

More managers in the UK take qualifications from ILM than anywhere else. Employers recognise the value of ILM training and the high quality assessments we provide, so we’re an excellent partner for your CV.

ILM’s qualifications are a proven route to developing management skills, and growing your knowledge and capability.


Developing leaders

ILM don’t believe in training for training’s sake, or qualifications that just tick boxes. If you’re serious about developing your career, an ILM qualification will take you to the next level. It proves to you and your employer that you have the knowledge, skills and ability to take on new responsibility. If you have just been promoted, or are preparing for a new role – especially if it involves taking on work that is new to you – an ILM qualification will give you and your employer the confidence to know you can do the job effectively.

After an ILM qualification:

  • 93% of managers perform better in their jobs
  • 90% of managers improve their ability to communicate and give feedback

  • 90% of managers are better at motivating people

What qualification is right for me?

Qualification levels broadly equate to your level of management experience. As you develop your abilities and career, you move up through the qualification levels. The higher the qualification level, the more complex the skills and knowledge you’ll need to gain that qualification. Our flexibility means that ILM training providers can customise qualifications to suit your needs.

Most of ILM’s leadership and management qualifications are vocational - delivering the skills, knowledge and experience you need to do a job in the real world.

Therefore level you reached in your academic career might be different from the level of vocational qualification for you. For example: 

You might have an economics degree, but are new to leading a team, so will need a lower level vocational qualification. 

You might have left school after your GCSEs and yet have real-world management experience and be ready to take an ILM qualification at Level 3.

This table shows how qualification levels are matched to management levels. For a more in-depth understanding of management and leadership skills required within an organisation, and the qualifications you need to get these visit the Knowing, Being, Doing framework section.


Qualification Level

Management Level (Practising Or Aspiring To Practise At This Level) 

Roughly Equates To 


Team leader

Team supervisor

GCSE grades A*-C

NVQs at level 2

BTEC at Level 2


Junior manager

First-line manager



GCE in applied subjects

International Baccalaureate

NVQs at Level 3

BTEC at Level 3


Middle manager


The first year of an under-graduate degree

Certificate of Higher Education


BTEC Professional Diplomas Certificates and Awards

NVQs at level 4


 Middle manager

The second year of an under-graduate degree

Diploma of Higher Education


BTEC Professional Diplomas, Certificates and Awards


Senior manager

Director of smaller organisations 

The third year of an under-graduate degree

BTEC Advanced Professional Diplomas, Certificates and Awards 


Senior leader


Director of large divisions

Post-graduate certificates, diplomas and Masters degrees

BTEC Advanced Professional Diplomas, Certificates and Awards


Next steps

We have designed our qualifications to deliver management skills training that works for busy professionals. Give your local ILM training provider a call to talk about how we can make this work for you.


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