Level 3 in Mentoring

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Get practical experience of mentoring at work

Who is this qualification for?

This qualification is designed for people in their first management roles – including team leaders and first-line managers. Get the tools and confidence to mentor people as part of your normal working role.

Results for you

• Learn about mentoring as a powerful development tool
• Understand the role and responsibilities of good mentors 
• Explore different mentoring models
• Put your new skills into practice in your job – carry out  supervised mentoring sessions
• Analyse, assess and plan to improve your own mentoring ability

Impact for your employer

• Implement mentoring at first-line management level in your organisation
• Ensure the managers you develop as mentors are  properly equipped with the skills, knowledge and ethical understanding they need 
• Develop a culture of mutual support for performance development by ensuring your managers can act as truly effective mentors.

Focus on the skills you need

There are three mandatory units in each qualification. ‘Understanding good practice in workplace mentoring’ covers what mentors do and how they do it. ‘Reflecting on workplace mentoring skills’ will give individuals the tools to analyse and improve their own performance as a mentor. ‘Undertaking mentoring in the workplace’ requires learners to plan and carry out at least six hours of mentoring, with supervision and support.

At Certificate level, this unit is replaced by ‘Undertaking an extended period of mentoring in the workplace’, which requires at least 36 hours of mentoring for a deeper level of skill and experience.

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