Level 3 Leadership

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Transform yourself from a manager to a leader

Who is this qualification for?

This qualification is designed to enhance your people-leading skills. It’s ideal if you have some management experience but no leadership training, for example if you’re a team leader who wants to move to the next level of management.
Results for you

• Understand leadership styles and the effect they have on people
• Identify and assess your own leadership style, using real feedback from your teams
• Find out how to use action learning; carry out your own action learning plan to develop your leadership skills
• Work on your communication skills and ability to align your team with your organisation’s goals and vision
Impact for your employer

• Support managers in gaining crucial soft skills and confidence
• Increase motivation and alignment with organisational aims
• Build happier and more productive teams
• Invest in future leaders of your organisation – give managers the tools and motivation to self-develop
Focus on the skills you need

This qualification is made up of three mandatory units. ‘Understanding leadership’ introduces leadership styles and encourages you to assess and develop your own style. ‘Leading and motivating a team effectively’ focuses on motivation techniques and communication skills, in the context of your organisation’s goals. ‘Develop own leadership capability using action learning’ takes you through the process of setting up and implementing an action learning plan. You will review the effectiveness of your action learning and set goals for your continuing development as a leader.

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