Sales Management

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The management skills you need to get the best from your sales team

Who is this qualification for?
This qualification is ideal for new sales managers who really need to get to grips with the role. It also supports practising sales managers who want formal professional recognition for their experience, or are under pressure to get more from their teams.
Results for you
• Lead a team that successfully reaches sales targets
• Understand the sales process; learn tried and tested sales techniques
• Know how to identify and meet customer requirements
• Get a nationally recognised and transferable qualification
Impact for your employer
• Motivated, competent, strong sales managers
• Productive teams with practical strategies for reaching targets
• A flexible qualification to fit organisational and individual needs
• Workplace-based assessment to ensure transfer of new skills to the organisation
Focus on the skills you need:
The qualification has three mandatory units.
• Understanding sales in the workplace – different sales strategies, how sales and marketing are linked, and strategic approaches to reaching targets
• Effectively selling to customers – identify and analyse customer requirements; drive up customer service standards
• Satisfying customer requirements – identify customer needs, use performance indicators to improve customer satisfaction
Optional Level 2 units focus on communication, using data systems, consumer law and providing quality to customers.

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Qualification level
Credit Value

The range of credits a learner must undertake to gain this qualification

13 - 36

Details of the qualification, learning time involved and criteria a learner must satisfy

There are 3 unit groups. At least 1 hour of induction and at least 2 hours of tutorial support are required. Learners must attain a minimum of 13 credits (a maximum of 6 credits from group 3), and no more than 36 to achieve this qualification.

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