Army accreditation

Did you know that you can gain an internationally recognised qualification from completing your Army CLM courses?

At ILM, we can help you to directly translate the leadership skills and knowledge you have gained through your military training into a qualification that civilian employers understand and value.

Depending on the course you are enrolled in, ILM accreditation can be funded via the Army Skills Offer or self-financed. The Army Skills Offer extends to both Regular and Reserve personnel and can be used to pay for ILM qualifications at every level provided that you are still employed by the Army.


Find your Army course and see what the ILM equivalent for that would be. Attached, you can find the form you need to fill in in order to apply.




     For me, ILM was absolutely life-changing. My qualification gave me a massive confidence boost when I had decided to change career

    Alex Firmin, former Army Captain, now Commercial Director for The Chapel House Group


    What next? Applying for accreditation

    Post or email your application to:

    Armed Forces Co-ordinator
    No. 1 Newlands Court
    Attwood Road
    WS7 3GF

    Tel: +44 (0)1543 266 867

    Please be aware that some qualifications listed may require extra work to be completed and therefore may be eligible for SLC funding. If you wish to claim a qualification that is eligible for the Army Skills Offer funding you must apply for an Army Skills Offer reference number via the Army Education Branch and then complete our online form.

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    What do ILM levels mean?

    A quick-fire guide explaining the connections between educational and vocational qualifications
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    Army Skills Offer

    ILM accreditation of career training funded by the Army Skills Offer.

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