ILM Assessment Service

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Our in-house assessment team will mark your candidate’s assignments for you

The ILM Assessment Service is not only a cost-effective, efficient and quality assured way of assessing ILM qualifications, but also provides a personal touch. One of our lead assessors will help you along the process on a one-to-one basis. The ILM team carry out and mark the assessment, enter results for you, and provide vital feedback for every criterion.

Sign up to the ILM Assessment Service

So who can use the Assessment Service? The ILM Assessment Service is available for 25 of our popular qualifications, including Leadership and Management from Levels 2 to 5 and Coaching and Mentoring.

We recognise there are times when you need support to offer our qualifications and the associated assessment

  • when you are new to delivering our qualifications and unsure about assessment and verification
  • when you start offering qualifications in different subject areas and want to focus on programme delivery
  • when you have a sudden increase in demand and struggle to find the time and people to carry out assessment and verification.

We can provide the support you need during these periods or whenever assessment becomes a burden.

The Assessment Service in seven easy steps

1. Set up the ILM Assessment Service on your ILM Walled Garden account

Email our Customer Service Team at with the list of qualifications you would like us to assess (you must already have ILM approval to offer these qualifications). We will then process your request and the relevant codes will appear in your Centre catalogue in the ILM Walled Garden.

2. Register your learners through ILM Walled Garden using the relevant ILM Assessment Service codes

Once registration is completed, you will be contacted by one of our Lead Assessors who will talk you through how the service works; confirm the units you are delivering, and answer any queries you may have.

3. Start delivering your chosen ILM qualifications

4. Submit your learners’ assessments

When you have a completed set of learner assessments, review them and then email your submissions to

Submission tips:
  • Submit completed assessments only; incomplete assessments will be returned and you may be charged
  • If possible, submit in batches of at least three
  • Submit written assessments as Word or PDF documents of less than 2MB in size. ILM also offers a flexible assessment service – if you’d like to discuss submitting assessments in another format, such as video, please contact us beforehand and we will make the necessary arrangements
  • You must use the following file naming protocol: Initial and Surname – Enrolment number (ENR) – Centre No – ILM Unit Product Code – Submission Number (original = (1) or resubmission = (2)). For example: R Jones-ABC123-012345-8697-530(1) Attach an ILM submission cover sheet along with the appropriate mark sheet including the Centre and learner name. Make sure that each learner confirms authenticity (this also applies to resubmissions)
  • Ensure all relevant documentation is forwarded with resubmissions as there is no guarantee that a resubmission will be assessed by the original assessor
  • Ensure mark sheets are submitted in a format which we can edit ie in Word rather than JPEG or PDF.

5. We mark and quality assure learner assessments

After marking, assessments are forwarded to a Lead Assessor for quality assurance and finalising. There is no need for your External Verifier to sample these assessments. This process takes up to 25 working days from receipt to return of results (This also applies to resubmissions.)

6. We enter your results onto ILM Walled Garden

Please note that results are entered onto Walled Garden only when they have been sent back to the Centre.

7. You receive mark sheets

You will receive a mark sheet for each learner assignment. Learners who are required to re-submit will need to make the necessary amendments to their assignment (highlighting the reworked sections) and resubmit their assignment for a fee. (Full details are provided in ‘ILM Guide to Fees’)

If there appears to be a pattern of failings, we will provide a Lead Assessor Comments/Advice form, which will help clarify the assessment standard and indicate areas where the Centre can make positive changes to their delivery.

Questions on the ILM Assessment Service? Contact the ILM assessment team