European Mentoring and Coaching Council UK (EMCC UK)

25% off membership with EMCC UK for all ILM learners studying for a coaching and mentoring qualification.

EMCC UK is a professional membership organisation which encourages excellence and progression for mentors, coaches and supervisors. We’re delighted to have partnered with EMCC UK to offer ILM learners studying for a coaching and mentoring qualification 25% off membership.

About EMCC membership

How to access EMCC membership

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About EMCC membership

Becoming a coach is one of the most rewarding life choices anyone can make. Knowing that you have made a positive contribution to someone’s life, helping them to reach their aspirations, is a gratifying experience.

However, becoming an independent coach or establishing an effective CPD programme within a business can be challenging. How do you start a coaching business? What type of coaching does your team need and how do you measure their development? What support is available to help you and your team grow?

EMCC UK aims to develop, promote and set the expectation of best practice in mentoring, coaching and supervision around the world. People who have completed an ILM coaching qualification will have the opportunity to build a network with other coaches and mentors by joining regional and special interest groups, or through volunteering opportunities.

As a governing body of coaches and mentors in the UK, EMCC UK provides extensive support to coaches, mentors, supervisors and businesses.

Membership benefits for ILM coaches and mentors:

  • Network with peers at Special Interest Groups and networking sessions
  • Get preferential rates to national and global coaching and CPD events
  • Access research papers and learn about the latest developments in coaching
  • Continue your development with free webinars and coaching book clubs
  • Use the EMCC UK logo to show your experience and boost your credibility
  • Access to essential resources, dealing with important topics, such as contracting, supervision, and health and wellbeing

EMCC UK’s mission is to encourage excellence for mentors, coaches and supervisors. To continue putting your ILM learning into practice, building your skills as an excellent coach or mentor, then become a member today.

ILM learners are entitled to the 25% discounted membership whilst on any ILM coaching and mentoring qualifications for up to three years or until their ILM qualification is completed.

How to access the membership

  1. Visit ILM join page on the EMCC UK website
  2. Select affiliate membership category
  3. Complete the application and include your ILM centre number
  4. EMCC will contact you direct to confirm and set up your membership

Visit the EMCC UK website for more information

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