Level 6 Management

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Sharpen critical thinking skills, evaluate your performance, prepare for senior leadership

Who is this qualification for?

This qualification is designed for senior managers who are new in their roles, or middle managers who are preparing for promotion. This is a valuable bridge towards Level 7 qualifications, as you can carry credits forward.
Results for you

  • Understand the role of a senior manager
  • Take a critical and informed look at your own performance
  • Understand how management theories and models influence management practice
  • Develop your ability to critically review ideas and practices
  • Carry out relevant research to inform the way you work
Impact for your employer

  • Develop the senior leadership talent pipeline, for effective succession planning and less reliance on external recruitment
  • Give prospective senior leaders the tools to understand and evaluate their own performance
Focus on the skills you need

This qualification is made up of two mandatory units. In 'Developing the executive manager', you will collect and analyse feedback on your personal management practice and effectiveness, and consider your performance in the light of management theories and models. This will help you identify your strengths and prepare an action plan to address areas for improvement.
In 'Critical thinking and research skills in management', you will critically review relevant management theories or models, and undertake research to inform your own management and leadership practice.

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We have three sizes of qualification: certificate, award and diploma in increasing order of size

Qualification level
Credit Value

The range of credits a learner must undertake to gain this qualification

12 -

Details of the qualification, learning time involved and criteria a learner must satisfy

The qualification is structured into 1 unit group. At least 1 hour of induction and at least 7 hours of tutorial support are required. Learners must attain a total of 12 credits from 2 mandatory units to achieve this qualification.

Information for ILM centres

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