Level 7 QCF NVQ in Management

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Benchmark, evaluate and enhance senior and strategic management ability

Who is this qualification for?

This qualification is designed for practising and potential senior managers who have significant responsibility across the organisation. It’s a chance to critically evaluate your skills for your formal development to the highest levels of leadership and management.

This qualification is retiring, with no new registrations after 31 August 2014
Results for you

• Focus on organisational performance and strategy
• Demonstrate and develop strategic leadership skills
• Prove and enhance your ability to manage resources, information and operations at senior level
• Take the chance to close your skills gaps and develop expertise in specialist areas
• Get a recognised qualification for your formal professional development
Impact for your employer

• Senior managers with proven competence and business acumen
• Excellent route for developing future leaders and succession planning
• A broad range of optional units – qualification can be tailored to individual and organisational needs
• Promote a culture of organisational learning and development

Focus on the skills you need

Take the three mandatory units that form the core of this qualification:

• Develop a strategic business plan
• Develop strategic direction and leadership
• Lead change in an organisation

Then, work with your employer and training provider to find the best fit from a range of other skills-focused units. These include units that focus on raising finance for an organisation, designing and managing business processes, implementing strategic business plans and leading innovation.

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Qualification level
Credit Value

The range of credits a learner must undertake to gain this qualification

45 -

Details of the qualification, learning time involved and criteria a learner must satisfy

There are 2 unit groups. 1 hour of induction and at least 2 hours tutorial support are required. There are 3 mandatory units. A minimum of 45 credits (a minimum of 18 credits from group 2) are required to achieve this qualification.

Information for ILM centres

For each qualification select the units you want to deliver using the qualification specification builder. The builder does NOT verify if your selection of units meets the ‘rules of combination’. Rules are displayed at the top of each qualification page. If you have any questions about unit combinations please contact ILM Customer Services or your EV.

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