Level 5 Diploma for Operational Leaders & Managers

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The Level 5 Diploma is designed for Operational or Departmental Leaders and Managers who manage teams and/or projects and are responsible for achieving operational or departmental goals and objectives as part of their organisation’s strategy.

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Results for you
  • Drive your own personal and professional development to ensure performance and growth 
  • Develop strong communication skills, which build effective relationships and enables results  
  • Develop your skills in managing individuals and teams while empowering others to succeed in their individual roles and shared objectives  
  • Develop your communication business planning skills to effectively share strategy and plans 
  • Develop your operational planning and management skills, understanding the use of technology and data to support and deliver plans 
  • Develop your financial planning skills and ability to manage budgets  
  • Develop your project planning skills in order to plan projects, recognise and overcome barriers while making decisions  
Benefits to the organisation
  • Leaders and managers who have a full breadth and depth of leadership and management practice 
  • Leaders and managers who have developed skills in line with national standards 
  • Leaders and managers who can provide, create and deliver operational or departmental plans and strategies which drive results  
  • Leaders and managers who have established deep knowledge and proven competency in their Leadership and Management skills  
  • Fully flexible units: use the units as stand-alone programmes or for continuous professional development, allowing you to be responsive to business needs and focus on specific topics 
  • Use all the units for delivery of the Level 5 Operations or Departmental Manager Apprenticeship with full coverage of the Standard 
  • Maintain staff motivation: learners will receive a certificate for all completed units, recognising their achievement   
  • Measurable results: workplace-based assessment ensures new skills are effectively transferred to your business   
  • Reward learner engagement and drive completion with ILM digital credentials 
This qualification has been developed in line with the latest management standards to support candidates undertaking an Operations/ Departmental Manager apprenticeship. 

The Diploma for Operational Leaders and Managers is unit-based, giving you full flexibility to identify the areas of development specific to your own work context and of particular interest and relevance.  It provides a comprehensive and complete toolkit for Operational Leaders and Managers.

Information for ILM centres

For each qualification select the units you want to deliver using the qualification specification builder. The builder does NOT verify if your selection of units meets the ‘rules of combination’. Rules are displayed at the top of each qualification page. If you have any questions about unit combinations please contact ILM Customer Services or your EV.

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