Level 2 Principles of Team Leading

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Practical introduction to the role, responsibilities and principles of team leading

Who is this for?
This qualification is designed to give you the practical knowledge you need to lead a team for the first time. It also supports team leaders with some experience but no formal training.
Results for you
• The essential skills you need to motivate, manage and develop a team
• Confidence to deal with issues such as conflict in the team
• Hands-on techniques to tackle a range of team leader tasks
• A nationally recognised qualification to kickstart your career
Impact for your employer
• Online assessment for increased accessibility
• A choice of units, so you can tailor the qualification to skills gaps
• Effective team leaders with a solid grounding in the role
• Teams that are better aligned with your organisation’s goals and policies.
Focus on the skills you need
There is one mandatory unit, ‘Managing people’. This unit has three areas of focus. The first covers motivating people, delegating and developing effective teams. The second deals with managing change and conflict. The third covers the recruitment process and how to monitor and evaluate your team’s work. Then take two of the three optional units: ‘Managing resources’, ‘Managing information’ and ‘Managing activities’.

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14 - 15

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The qualification is structured into two unit groups, with one mandatory unit from Group 1 and a choice of two units from Group 2. At least one hour of induction and four hours of tutorial support are required.

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