Level 3 Site Waste Management Planning and Implementation

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Site waste management plans (SWMPs) that comply with industry best practice and the law

Who is this qualification for?

This qualification gives supervisors, foremen or managers the skills and knowledge to develop, implement or improve SWMPs on site.
Results for you

• Comprehensive understanding of developing and writing SWMPs
• Know the law and responsibilities for compliance
• Step-by-step training to help you implement your SWMPs
• A nationally recognised qualification to prove your experience
Impact for your employer

• Help ensure compliance with latest legislation
• Benchmark your managers' knowledge against industry standards
• Support innovation and improvements to waste management practices
• Benefits for the environment, your corporate social responsibility and your bottom line
Focus on the skills you need

This qualification is made up of four units. The first, 'Building an awareness of waste management', aims to give you an understanding of the impact of waste management on the environment and your organisation. The other three units provide comprehensive training in developing, writing and implementing site waste management plans.

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Qualification level
Credit Value

The range of credits a learner must undertake to gain this qualification

14 - 14

Details of the qualification, learning time involved and criteria a learner must satisfy

The qualification is structured into 1 unit group. At least 2 hours of induction and at least 8 hours of tutorial support are required. Learners must attain a total of 14 credits from 4 mandatory units to achieve this qualification.

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