How Values Drive Purpose at Dermalogica

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As we continue to explore and examine how different organisations in vastly different industries apply company values, we spoke with Candice Gardner, Education Manager for renowned global skincare group, Dermalogica.

“As a brand, which started in education long before we went into product development, Dermalogica’s purpose has always been to uncover and share the science of healthy skin with our therapists and consumers,” says Candice. “The Dermalogica brand encompasses health, self-care and wellbeing, more than just ‘beauty’ and ‘the bottom line’.”

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When asked how company values drive this purpose, Candice shares the simplicity of Dermalogica’s values. They comprise of three key elements:

  • Education: At its core, the company is an educational institution. Dermalogica believes that knowledge not only empowers its partner entrepreneurs, but also the consumer.
  • Personalisation: As advocates of individuality and diversity, Dermalogica embraces the uniqueness of its people – from how business is run internally to the advice given and products recommended to the end-user.
  • Human touch: Human contact, human intention, and being present is a core value at Dermalogica. Professional skincare is driven by a sense of wellbeing and connection that only human, interpersonal contact can truly deliver.

Applied internally with employees and partners, these powerful values underpin the organisation’s purpose and create an engaging company culture.

“Candice elaborates: “In terms of a human-focused industry, if employees can work without feeling like they are working – enjoying the process and the people around them – it can have a really stabilising effect on the organisation and how it serves its customers.

From that perspective, values are important to culture and purpose, which gives the company strength. If an organisation faces external market pressures without that internal strength, you’re either imploding or moving backwards. And that's not good for business, or the industry, or the economy.”

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In this podcast, Candice Gardner and ILM’s Anna Sheard uncover the methods that Dermalogica uses to ensure that organisational values reach all corners of the business. They also provide practical advice for businesses – both large and small – who wish to implement their own unique values more effectively.

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