New-look ILM Centre plaques

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Our new-look ILM centre plaques are now available to order through Walled Garden.

Exclusively available to ILM Approved Centres, the fresh new centre plaque is designed to celebrate and communicate the quality of your delivery. Display it with pride to showcase your Approved Centre status to colleagues, customers and learners.

For a limited period, you can purchase your new Centre plaque for a reduced price of just £40 (+delivery costs).

We look forward to visiting your centre soon and seeing your plaque in style.

Order your new plaque here


How can my centre order a new brand plaque?

Simply log in on Walled Garden and search for ‘PLQ/01’ in the Catalogue section, under Publications & Merchandise (click here for a Walled Garden screenshot). Please note that you have to be an Approved Centre to be eligible for a plaque. For compliance reasons, this will be checked by our customer service team before processing your order.

What is the time span for ordering the plaques?

We encourage you to order your plaque as soon as possible. We are aiming to have all our existing and new centres branding and plaques fully up to date by September 2017 when all old brand plaques will have to be removed from display.

What if my centre is located outside the UK?

Centres located outside the UK can still order their plaques via Walled Garden. However, please bear in mind that there will be a conversion rate and higher delivery costs. Please consult the below table for a better picture of the conversion rates and delivery costs.


    ILM Catalogue Fee   

(equivalent to £40) 

 Courier Fee

    (equivalent to £50)     




 New Zealand Dollar (NZD)   



 South African Rand (ZAR)



 Malaysian Ringgit (MYR)



 Singapore Dollar (SGD)



 Hong Kong Dollar (HKD)




Share with us a picture with your new plaque in situ

ILM twitter birdLet us know when your new plaque has reached you by tweeting a picture with the hashtag #leadershipwithoutlimits