Using the ILM logo

ILM is recognised by employers worldwide for its quality, innovation and relevance to the modern workplace.

That's why we encourage our centres and providers to use our logo to raise their profile, increase credibility and attract new customers.

Approved Centres and Recognised Providers can use the appropriate ILM logo on their prospectuses, stationery, websites, advertising and marketing materials. The Approved Centre and Recognised Provider logos must not be used on certificates.

To obtain a Jpeg of the appropriate ILM logo, simply contact our Customer Services team on 01543 266867.  They will email the logo to you, along with the terms and conditions for use.  Receipt of the terms and condition is your agreement to abide by them.

You must remember to send the ILM Customer Services Team a copy of all materials that you develop that incorporate our logo.

Using the ILM name

We are now known as ILM, please refer to us as ILM in your writing.

Download our guide on How to use the ILM Logo and Name (PDF)