Information for Endorsed & Development customers

From 1 September 2022, all Endorsed & Development programmes worldwide will be closed.

  • The last date for registering learners on to Endorsed & Development programmes will be 31 August 2022.
  • The last date for certification on Endorsed & Development programmes will be 31 August 2023.

Customers that wish to continue ILM’s recognition of their active Endorsed & Development programmes are welcome to discuss transitioning these programmes to ILM Recognised over the next 12 months. Contact us to discuss migrating your programme/s to ILM Recognised.

Termination of your current contract with ILM for recognition

In light of the launch of ILM Recognised and the decision to close all Endorsed & Development programmes which we currently recognise worldwide from 1 September 2022, City & Guilds is ending the current contract for recognition as an ILM Provider (“Contract”) on 1 September 2022. A copy of your Contract is available here. On termination of this contract, all providers will be obliged to remove any ILM trademarks from websites and documentation. Please review the brand guidelines.

You will continue to be able to register new learners on to your Endorsed & Development programmes up to, and including, 31 August 2022, and as such we will continue to recognise any training delivered, or to be delivered, to such learners under these programmes up to the last date for certification.  For those Learners, you may continue to do the following (in accordance with the Contract) up to and including the last certification date:

  1. offer the programme.
  2. use the ILM Recognised Provider logo and any learning or course materials provided to you by or on behalf of City & Guilds for the purpose of training those learners.

More about ILM Recognised

ILM Recognised is our new recognition service designed to give your stakeholders every confidence that your training programmes meet ILM’s world-class standards.

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