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Offer a dynamic blended learning experience to effectively embed skills and boost performance

Whether you’re looking for leadership training resources to deliver a new programme or you want to make better use of your time, ILM eWorkbooks will help you to get started quickly and easily.

Choose from 15 leadership and management topics to support the delivery of great development programmes.

Key features


  • eWorkbooks are fun and easy to complete
  • Highly interactive and engaging
  • Easy to calculate and record assessment scores.

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Staff development

Managing collaboration
 Managing meetings Managing staff


eWorkbook titles and prices

eWorkbook Title Mapped to apprenticeship unit Product Code Suitable for levels Price (exc VAT)
2 3 4 5
Managing relationships at work ML 2 WB1 X £350
Managing inclusively ML 10 WB2 X X X £350
Managing staff performance ML 12 WB3 X X X £350
Managing staff development ML 13 WB4 X X £350
Managing meetings ML 3 + 14 WB5 X X X £350
Managing team conflicts ML 17 WB6 X X X £350
Managing change ML 19 WB7 X £350
Managing collaboration ML 21 WB8 X X X £350
Managing projects ML 23 WB9 X X £350
Managing budgets ML 38 WB10 X X X £350
Managing risk ML 41 WB11 X X X £350
Managing business improvement BA 41 WB12 X X £350
Managing negotiations BA 42 WB13 X X X £350
Managing presentations BA 43 WB14 X X £350
Managing complaints CS 31 WB15 X X X £350
Bundle of 15 workbook titles WBB15 £3,000

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