ILM Recommended

ILM recommended products meet our quality benchmark. Resources are reviewed against our quality criteria and awarded an annual licence to use the ILM Recommended brand.

A ‘Recommended by ILM’ Resource:

  • Clearly states its purpose
  • Supports improved practice
  • Recognises learner diversity
  • Includes references to models, theories and explanations that are current, relevant and in the ILM footprint
  • Encourages a range of learning approaches
  • Uses language and graphics that are suitable for the intended market
  • Clearly specifies the level of facilitation needed to support the resource
  • Includes guidance to support the intended learning benefits
  • Is produced to a high editorial standard
  • Includes approaches to learning and development that are current
  • If links to a qualification are made, it is clearly stated that the resource is not a guaranteed route to an ILM qualification
  • Includes a statement to make learners aware that the resource is not essential to achieve an ILM qualification or that it is the only resource available.

Where products are ILM Recommended, this means that the content has been quality assured to confirm that the above criteria have been met.


Important update: Please note that the ILM Recommended offer is currently being reviewed, therefore we are no longer accepting proposals from new customers. However, in special cases, you are encouraged to explore the possibilities with your local BDM.


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