How values help people choose between two “right” decisions

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We were truly honoured to share an enriching discussion with Credly CEO, Jonathan Finkelstein, in the most recent of our podcast series, and equally delighted by the insights he shared. Credly is the world’s largest network of verified talent, helping people make trusted decisions around what they know and what they can do, and helping people to find happiness at work.

Jonathan explains that skills are constantly changing – developed through learning, enhanced through experience, and even taking shape outside of the workplace. Through technology and digital credentialing, Credly brings real-time data to conversation and decision-making about hiring and growing skills. They also assist companies who are in the position to develop or assess skills with the means to create new credentials internally. 

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Jonathan points out that when a business starts out small, consisting of only a few people, company values often exist informally, through the natural living-out of what is important to the members – which is the way that Credly operated when it was first founded in 2012. 

“He goes on to describe what happens when a business grows, saying that the need for formalised values usually develops over time: “As a business grows and welcomes more people into the workforce, your circle of influence grows along with it. This growth introduces differences, diverse points of views and beliefs, small nuances – at a certain point, it makes sense to step back and assess who we are, and how we work. In this way, creating values is a reflective process.”

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When Credly developed their values, they did not try to differentiate between right and wrong. “Things like being kind and honest, working hard, are a given. These are simple right,” says Jonathan. “We had to determine what was unique to Credly – for example, how to respond when faced with two right decisions. What is the best Credly way?”

The resulting company values provide a powerful compass for employees to follow:

  1. Pursue happiness
  2. Foster empowerment and ownership
  3. Bring data and take action
  4. Learn, adapt and grow
  5. Honour achievement and show humility
  6. Earn trust every day

In this highly engaging podcast, Jonathan shares with us how company values impact Credly internally, as a team, as well as externally in the way the company interacts with the outside world through products, and customer and community interactions.

To listen in on the conversation, access the full podcast.

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