ILM’s flexible portfolio of leadership and management VRQs is designed to put you in control

Tailor-made for you 

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With an extensive range of units to choose from, you can build a qualification that’s tailor-made for you. Each ILM VRQ (vocationally related qualifications) is composed of a set number of credit based units. The units cover a wide range of leadership skills and knowledge suitable for every level, from aspiring team leader to the highest levels of senior management.  Selected units can be combined, using ILM’s innovative qualification builder, to develop a full qualification, or you can focus on a particular skills gap or training need by delivering one or more specific units.

Qualifications come in three sizes: Award, Certificate and Diploma. Each unit of a qualification has a recommended number of guided learning hours, and these can be in the form of training room lessons, group discussions, supervised practice or tutorials  - or online.

Transitioning from non-ILM qualifications?

Centres transitioning from non-ILM programmes to ILM qualifications will find the following documents useful in mapping their existing programme to the ILM framework.

The below documents should be used in consultation with a Business Development Manager (BDM). Please ensure you contact your BDM before completing them.

Level 2

Level 3 Leadership and Management

Level 3 Specialist

Level 4 and 5 Leadership and Management

Level 4 and 5 specialist

Coaching and Mentoring


Retired qualifications

This page lists download documents relating to our retired qualifications. The qualifications listed below are no longer open for registration.

Documents supporting qualifications that are open for learner registration can be found on individual course pages or by using our Guides and Resources search.

Retired VRQs

You can also download supporting notes for retired ILM VRQs

Level 2 qualifications

Level 4 qualifications

Level 5 qualifications

Level 7 qualifications

Level 2 qualifications

Level 3 qualifications

Retired IQuals

Transitioning from non-ILM qualifications?

Centres transitioning to our framework should see our useful documents on mapping alternative qualifications to ILM.

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Looking for a retired qualification?

Centres delivering retired qualifications to pre-registered learners can still download specifications and other useful material.

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